Sweat to Sparkle with Ryman Fitness (4)

This princess packs a serious punch! 

Not only is Lizzie Ryman a kick ass cowgirl, she is a 2017 Calgary Stampede Princess and is also a Certified Personal Trainer who operates Ryman Fitness out of Calgary, and Cochrane, Alberta. Through positive and upbeat motivation and guidance, her fitness program is tailored to balance a healthy and fit lifestyle. Ryman understands that balance can be hard to maintain, especially when you're on the road, or spending long days at your 9-5, and then heading straight to the barn. Through the "Sweat to Sparkle" series, brought to you every Monday, Ryman hopes to reach and help as many cowgirls (and cowboys too!) as she can. You can learn more about the services Ryman Fitness offers at www.RymanFitness.com.

This week fellow 2017 Calgary Stampede Princess, Brittany Lloyd leads us a great yoga class to help centre us and start our week off right! Follow along, and make sure to pay attention for those great exercises to help our riders hips, among other things! 

An easy and quick breakfast to get you going in the morning

Berry Oatmeal Shake:

Fresh or Frozen Mixed Berries
Coconut or Almond Milk
Greek Yogurt
Vanilla Protein Powder

Louisa Murch - White is the Creative Director of With A Western Twist, a western lifestyle blog that shares a variety of trending topics, stories from the show pen, influencer interviews and so much more. After deciding to retire her cutting horse, Lady, she found herself a little lost and a lot out of shape. Lizzie, and Louisa, know each other from the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls, above is a photo of them running a victory lap with barrel racer, Lisa Lockhart. (No big deal or anything). Cue Ryman Fitness to come in for some day-saving, and booty-kicking in the process. 


It's almost like Lizzie (and Brittany!) read my mind this week with the workout, and health tip. I had a pretty killer start to my week fitness wise. I'm not a runner, in fact, I really do not like running, so when I decided to go for a run Monday I wasn't expecting much. I probably ran the strongest, fastest 5 km i've ever run. I was pretty proud of myself. Maybe this fitness thing is actually resulting in something after all? Then I had a wicked workout on Tuesday with Lizzie and a super fun circuit where boxing was the focus led by Lizzie with Brigitte on Wednesday. Then Thursday.. I was sore... and tired.. and exhausted. So instead of saying "screw it, i'm not working out today" I turned to Youtube and found a great hour long yoga class and did that instead. Aside from my dog, Cash, thinking it was appropriate to be underneath me, or licking me, during my relaxing session, it was a good break from the high intensity. It felt so great to just stretch, and centre myself and not push myself like I had been all week. Everything in moderation folks! Then, as i've documented before, breakfast is my number one nutrition nemesis, I am not a fan of eating before 11 am, never have been. For some reason food just doesn't sit with me right in the mornings, BUT, I also get incredibly weak and unfocused if I don't eat properly in the morning. So it's a double-edged sword that has dogged me for quite some time. So, in this whole new realm of trying to be better nutrition wise, smoothies are my go too. I pop a bunch of ingredients in my magic bullet and away we go - takes two minutes total - quick, tasty, full of protein if you make 'em right, and easy to digest early in the morning while I also have my morning coffee. Okay, so maybe being healthy isn't thaaaaaaaaat hard, can't believe it's been four weeks of the Sweat to Sparkle series! Time flies.

ps. you won't want to miss next week - we have something good coming down the pipe for ya'll!


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