Unbelts - The Progressively Sourced Pant Fit Perfector

Haters will say it's photoshopped. ;)

I'm going to start off this blog post by saying that you know when a squirrel photo bombs your whole shoot, it's going to be a good shoot. You also know that when you're reviewing a great product progressively manufactured in china and designed by a total boss babe based out of Edmonton, Alberta, it's going to be an even better post. 

I mean, what a CUTIE.

Okay, back to what we're actually here to blog about and that's to review the belt I have on in these photos, known as Unbelts.

Backstory: a reader of With A Western Twist messaged me and told me to check out the brand Unbelts. She had mentioned they were moving into the equestrian scene. I found out they were going to be at the Spruce Meadows Market and went to visit with them. When I first saw the belts they instantly screamed "english riding belts." The perfect belts for all you Dressage Queens and Jumper Boss Babes for your breeches. What I found out, and what I find so fascinating about the brand, is that they were originally created to cure the problem of ill fitting jeans... no horse required. Yet they are one size fits all, made of a flexible and adjustable band and have an ultra thin buckle that doesn't show up underneath your shirts. So not only are they comfortable alongside denim, but they bend and move with you - perfect for equestrians. But the kicker? You can leave the belt in your belt loops and throw it right into the wash along with your clothes. Machine washable. So, although it wasn't made for equestrians... it was made for equestrians. Amazing.

Close up of an Unbelt.
Courtesy of www.Unbelts.ca

Modelling the Unbelt in Cappuccino
I already alluded too it, but the backstory of the Unbelt is that it was originally designed by Claire, an industrial designer, to alleviate the issue of ill-fitting jeans that require bulky belts. The belt was designed to specifically target gaping rear waist bands and pesky fly's that stick out under shirts. As Unbelts says the belt fit a wide variety of sizes from 0 to 24, and is built to hug, not pinch. The ring you see on the belt in the photo above adjusts to fit your size. As mentioned, the belts are machine washable, you can literally take your jeans off, belt still on, and throw the whole package right into the wash alongside everything else. Finally, they claim to be invisible under t-shirts, the metal buckle is 1/8" thick so undetectable under your tops. Great things all around. Also, I'm going to be honest here - I just really dig Unbelts vibe. Their website is full of cute quotes, the people that work for them are upbeat and body-positive and the belts have the sweetest little sayings on the inside that always make me smile. (Gotta go buy one to see what i'm talkin' bout) Plus, they are very reasonably priced, $35.00 for one, $65 for two with the twin packs, AND they are progressively manufactured in China. This means that the people that made your belt were paid well, work in good conditions, and also work manageable hours. Lastly, the team at Unbelts also works alongside global and local initiatives that work towards promoting fair trade and environmental ethical manufacturing and purchasing. Unbelts is using their influence and knowledge to help other brands be educated on how to make more ethical choices when manufacturing. But there's one more thing I need to mention before I actually go into this review, Unbelts didn't realize their belts had a market in the equestrian market until very recently, but they fit PERFECTLY not only for english riders, but for western riders in the arena, or on the trail too. Now, don't let their lack of equestrian knowledge throw you off, because they are working diligently to learn more about their new client base, and are developing new designs and belts with equestrians in mind. That's really cool you guys. I preach it ALL THE TIME with the brands I represent, but let's start promoting people, companies, and brands that we believe in, that in turn, believe in us too and are willing to work for us to make their products better. Okay rant over, review time... haha whoopsies... haha ya'll know how I get, #MySoapBoxMyRules.

My review of Unbelts:

I obviously I am a fan of the product. 
The belts are lightweight, so they are super easy to pack along and are easily adjustable. As I illustrate in these photos you can wear them a myriad of ways (waist, hips, over top of vests, etc).
The buckles are very, very thin. They don't grab at your tanks or t-shirts if they are underneath them, and don't cause those super annoying holes that belts often do.
They are comfortable whether for fashion, just to literally keep your pants up, or for riding. You can't really feel that your wearing a belt in a traditional sense.
Obviously you can't fasten a belt buckle onto them, but for the days you don't want the bulk and clunky-ness of a thick leather belt and buckle, these are perfect.
They don't come undone. The clasp almost looks like it would fly apart at any moment, but i've put the belt through it's tests and it hasn't even once.
I love that it's adjustable. I don't know about you guys but some days I can bloat so bad I can go up three to four pant sizes. It's a relief on those days to be able to let the belt out a little.

Plus the colours are super cute - in these photos I'm wearing Cappuccino, but also have one in Deep Espresso, and definitely have my eye on Marshmallow and Hibiscus for some fun pops of colour.

I'll be real - I've never really reached for belts before, I have many, but tend to find them uncomfortable. So, I usually only wear a belt when I am showing, or have a pair of pants that are always falling down and bagging out. I really don't like when I have a longer shirt and you can see my belt underneath. My "muffin top" is a bit of an insecurity of mine, and I feel bulky belts underneath shirts accentuates that area. Now I find myself regularly reaching for an unbelt with my outfits because of their lightweight design. Guess I'm a belt gal after all!

Outfit Details:

Faux Fur Vest: Zara
Jeans: Fidelity Denim
Boots: Spring
Belt: Unbelts in Cappuccino 

Thanks, as always, to the brilliant Sarah Mckenzie for these photos.


  1. I am like 99.9% sure I saw you at the spruce Meadows unbelts booth. I bought one and I'm obsessed! It is totally invisible under shirts and super comfy

    1. No way - that's so funny, I feel we always run into each other at horse events! Glad you bought one - I agree, I love them!

  2. Interesting! Some nice colour choices too. Had to laugh at your muffin top comment- girl, if that's a muffin top mine is a loaf of bread top!
    I think I might have to get the navy one.

    1. Haha, your comment had me laughing right back! Ooo yes, I like the Navy one a lot as well. Let me know how you like it if you do purchase one!


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