Sweat to Sparkle with Ryman Fitness (5)

This princess packs a serious punch! 

Not only is Lizzie Ryman a kick ass cowgirl, she is a 2017 Calgary Stampede Princess and is also a Certified Personal Trainer who operates Ryman Fitness out of Calgary, and Cochrane, Alberta. Through positive and upbeat motivation and guidance, her fitness program is tailored to balance a healthy and fit lifestyle. Ryman understands that balance can be hard to maintain, especially when you're on the road, or spending long days at your 9-5, and then heading straight to the barn. Through the "Sweat to Sparkle" series, brought to you every Monday, Ryman hopes to reach and help as many cowgirls (and cowboys too!) as she can. You can learn more about the services Ryman Fitness offers at www.RymanFitness.com.

This week we are celebrating team work and friendships! Lizzie showed us a fun (and sweaty!) way that we could do a circuit with our best bud.

Circuit: 60 seconds per movement
30 second rest.... in plank... (I know... it sucks)

1. Medicine Ball Pass Seated

2. Team Tricep Pull Downs

3. Medicine Ball Pass Squatting

yes, my eagle eyed viewers, that is very much me not squatting. 
Be more like Brigitte for this one.

4. Team Leg Raises

5. Squat Jumps, Partner in Wall Sit

6. Medicine Ball Extended Crunches

7. Plank Shoulder Taps

& this is what you get to do for your rest... Plank.

Another great breakfast smoothie option... my favourite!

Green Smoothie:
Fresh Spinach
Coconut Milk
Vanilla Greek Yogurt
Vanilla Protein Powder
1 tsp. Coconut Oil
1 tsp Flaxseed

Louisa Murch - White is the Creative Director of With A Western Twist, a western lifestyle blog that shares a variety of trending topics, stories from the show pen, influencer interviews and so much more. After deciding to retire her cutting horse, Lady, she found herself a little lost and a lot out of shape. Lizzie, and Louisa, know each other from the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls, above is a photo of them running a victory lap with barrel racer, Lisa Lockhart. (No big deal or anything). Cue Ryman Fitness to come in for some day-saving, and booty-kicking in the process. 


This week I was Workin'...On..My...Fitness...Ya'll. If you guys don't follow me on insta, you should, @withawesterntwist, but that means you also missed me experimenting with pre-work out, learning that it makes your skin feel like it's being attacked by wasps, and deciding it was entirely not for me. HOWEVER, pre-workout may have aided in me busting out a killer workout on stairs. I had this awesome team workout with Brigitte. I hiked Wasootch Ridge in Kananaskis. I even threw a little boxing circuit in there. It was a good week. But, this is where it get's real, I've been working out and watching my diet pretty consistently now for five weeks and I haven't seen a lot of change in my problem areas, and it's frustrating to me. I think a lot of us go through this frustration, when you don't see results after working out so hard, it begins to really get you down. I committed to three things for the month of October to help me with this frustration. I'm going to severely limit my alcohol intake. Everyone knows beer likes to turn into belly fat. ;) I'm going to increase my water intake... something I really need to monitor because I am NOT a water drinker naturally. Finally, I'm going to go easy on myself and take pride in the fact I feel a lot stronger these days, have more energy, and hope that by next month I'll start to see some baby abs, but if not, I won't kill myself for it either.

Plus, stay tuned TOMORROW, for a SUPER FUN ANNOUNCEMENT CONTEST, from Ryman Fitness. You won't want to miss this!


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