George Lane, Waylon Jennings and Words

Let's start this post off with three great quotes:

"Always keep yourself in a position to look any man straight in the eye and tell him to go to hell." ~ George Lane

"I've always been crazy, it's helped me from going insane." ~ Waylon Jennings

"Gotta Good Heart, That Mouth Though" ~ My Sweater

George Lane was a rancher, he was the foreman of the Bar U Ranch, and then he later purchased the property in the early 1900s. He was one of the Big Four, the founders of the Calgary Stampede, and he was one of the earliest Albertan politicians. He was a maverick, and if you find yourself at the Glenbow Museum, you will see that quote alongside a photo of Lane, plastered on the wall, as bold as he was, in the Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta permanent exhibition. You should know that, that particular quote has resonated with me since I first saw it in a history book while studying at University, and i've lived by it for a very long time. Keeping that in mind, when I saw this sassy sweater from Bold and Brassy Boutique, I thought that it was suiting, and that I probably had to have it. Now, you may find that above quote by Lane, and the quote brandished across my chest, perhaps a little... brash. Don't worry, I think people find me a little... brash, sometimes too. 

I have a penchant for words, I've always been good with written and spoken word. When I was younger, and maybe from time-to-time in my evolving state of entering adulthood, I had a penchant for using that talent perhaps a little wickedly. The thing about word, is that it can be strikingly powerful, and as technology evolves, I think we all know first-hand how fast word can travel these days. I've grown up though, as most do, and as I've grown, I've learned a few lessons of significant importance. Let me speak on them now.

Not everyone is fluent, or appreciative, of sarcasm. Although brilliantly funny in certain scenarios, one should not rest their wit solely on sarcasm. 

Choose your words carefully. Some of the people I admire the most sit back and fully absorb what people are saying, before carefully picking out their own words and delivering what they want to say clearly and efficiently. As a bit of a rambler, I'm still learning this one, but I hope I ramble effectively.

Stand by your word. If it comes out of your mouth, callously and thrown around as gossip, you better be able to stand by it and explain yourself. Don't say things you don't truly believe, and don't throw into the universe words that you wouldn't repeat. The older I get, the more I appreciate this. 

And lastly, leapfrogging on my last lesson, I think we, as human beings, put a lot of our own meanings, and perception, into other people's word. So, if someone has said something to you that you don't understand, that hurt your feelings, or you wish to be reiterated, be strong enough to ask for that. So often we end up in a trap where we *think* someone meant one thing, but they actually meant something else. So often we become offended, when there's no reason to be.

So now that i've imparted my glittering wisdom on all of you, lessons that I'm always trying to make sure I follow, but admittedly, sometimes falter at, let me ask you a question - why do we so often critique the bold? I mean it, unless someone is being utterly offensive and incorrigible, why are we so quick to use words like "sassy", "opinionated", "out-spoken", why don't we use words like "insightful", "thought-provoking" and "forward-thinking"? I'm going to put it out there, if you think i'm being rude, sassy, or hurtful, please let me know, please re-read my above lessons and come to me, and ask me "why did you say that?" BUT, if i'm following my own path, I ask YOU, why does that make you so uncomfortable? Why must we throw the word "sassy" around to women, especially young women, like it's some horrific insult. I'm getting dredged down by the millennial bias that's been touted not only on social media, but by my elders, and even sometimes, my peers. 

The thing is, words are important and words delivered from someone with experience and insight, those words are priceless. However, I'll reserve my respect and admiration for trail-blazers, and mavericks, those that herald their boldness from the rooftops, but also those that quietly explain themselves from the comfort of their homes. The people that you lean closer to when they speak, because every word means something. In today's world, we are constantly being bombarded with some really horrific words, we need to celebrate, and promote the bold, the positive, and the forward-thinking. We need more of them, we shouldn't silence them, we shouldn't judge them.

The balance between heart and mind is so key, and lately, that's what I've been striving to accomplish in my own pursuits. So, in summary, it's just an article of clothing in the short-term scheme of things, but I think when someone says to me, "You have a good heart, your mouth though..." means, "your mouth though shows how bold, and insightful you are. Keep pushing for what you believe in." 

& to finish off with the king, Waylon Jennings himself, yes, i'm a little crazy, but being this way has helped me from going utterly insane.

& by the way, the sweater and the boots I wore in this post are from Bold and Brassy Boutique, owned by an Albertan boss babe who has a totally refreshing positive outlook and juggles a flourishing business, with being a mom, and a wife, and I like promoting boss babes like that, so go check it out.


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