Cast of Characters

For every story to be complete, there has to be a central love story.
Here is mine:

My Girl

#bosslady or #queenLB
Mates Special Lady
(Smart Mate x Hickorys Special Gal)
2004 AQHA Mare

Lady is my show-horse, (my very first!), but she's also so much more.
Lady is a strong and gritty cutting horse. Yet, she manages to have the sweetest demeanour, and the softest personality. She is forcing me to be better than before, every single day, and is teaching me how to get out of the loping pen, and into the show pen. 
I am eternally thankful to have her.

My Boys

Bar J Jingos Doc
2004 APHA Gelding

Jingle is my heart-horse.
The journey of meeting him, riding him, buying him, and owning him has been fraught with mis-steps and struggles. However, despite all of that, it is in my time with him that I have walked away with more life lessons, and revelations, than anything else in my life.

2013 Arizona Mutt

Cash is the ranchiest yet poofiest dog you will ever meet.
With the heart of a Border Collie and the guts of a Rottweiler, he thinks he stands about 10 ft tall with his crooked, ballerina, paws.
 He is my co-pilot, my best-buddy, and my muddy, dirty shadow.

In Loving Memory...

Wicked Wabbit
2012 AQHA Mare

Taken from me too early, and much too soon, at the tender age of three.
She was natural talent, and total fire, personified.
I miss her everyday.

"Somewhere... Somewhere in time's own space, there must be some sweet pastured place, where creeks sing on and tall trees grow, some paradise where horses go. For by the love that guides my pen, I know great horses live again." ~ Stanley Harrison.


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